94 students were awarded with gold medals and rank certificates at PESIT Graduation Ceremony

bandaluru: The Seventh graduation ceremony of PESIT was organized on Saturday,16th Sept. 2017.  Hon’ble chief guest Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Executive Director- IT-ITes Sector Skills Council and Vice President, NASSCOM, New Delhi, delivered the graduation ceremony address and gave away the Medals to Rank holders. Dr. Karisiddappa, Vice Chancellor, VTU, Belagavi unveiled the Scroll of Honor. Dr. M.R. Doreswamy, Chancellor – PES University, Former MLC – GoK and Founder Chairman-PES Institutions presided over the Ceremony. Prof D Jawahar, Pro Chancellor ,PES University and CEO, PES Institutions declared the graduation ceremony 2017 open and administered oath to graduating students.

The ceremony commenced with a welcome speech by Dr KNB Murthy, Vice Chancellor who introduced the guests to the audience.


Dr. K.S.Sridhar, Principal, PESIT formally presented the candidates who were admitted to Bachelors of Engineering degree in various disciplines.


Prof D  Jawahar, Pro Chancellor administered the oath to the students pledging to apply knowledge for public good, innovate for advancement, be accountable for the future generation and uphold the values of perseverance, excellence and service.


Dr. Karisiddappa, Vice-Chancellor, VTU, Belagavi, after unveiling the scroll of honor along with other dignitaries addressed the students and congratulated the graduates for their performance and achievements. He said that hallmark of academic excellence is high standard of teaching, conducive environment for learner and a culture of single-minded pursuit of knowledge and passion for achievement of excellence. These attributes can be imbibed only through dedication and determination of a committed management, faculty and staff. He said that PESIT has all these attributes.


Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Vice President, NASSCOM, New Delhi, spoke with exuberance of eloquence and shared her experiences.  She described the impact of contextual disruptive technology and digital world. She stressed that impact of technology owing to industry-push and businesses mandates engineers to be multi-skilled for their survival and progressive life. She said that world now is integrated with connectivity and the rapid changing world has offered enormous opportunities and new possibilities to awaiting students and graduates to explore.



Dr M R Doreswamy, Chancellor in his presidential address said that PES always has been keen to achieve good results and placements. All through quality has been its priority. This is evidenced by many parents and students wishing to see their children join PES. He said graduating ceremonies are sacred for they usher good wishes and extend congratulations to the graduates; he requested students to emulate personalities like Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and Sir. M Visveswaraya. He reiterated that graduates should be proud since they hail from a great country like India which has over five thousand years of written history. He stressed that one should lead an ethical, 

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