Your Company, Your Cabs, Your Rules- OSUM Biz  Service Launched in Garden City- by Dr.Henry

Bengaluru-oct-: OSUM Cabs launches today its newest service; OSUM Biz.    is an app and browser system that allows cab, taxi, tour and travel businesses to use advanced tools to run their own business using the OSUM platform.  Through the OSUM platform, taxi businesses can set up their own business accounts by adding their own drivers, logos, driver commissions, and setting their rates. Once the setup is complete, the company will be added to the OSUM Network where your drivers can start accepting rides and managing their customers

By having access to the platform, small taxi companies can maintain control of their customers, manage their drivers, and increase efficiency all at once.

GPS tracking tools allow companies to track their drivers’ locations to dispatch the nearest driver for each ride request. Our optimized GPS system also provides drivers with the fastest, most efficient route to their destination, with turn-by-turn navigation along the way. By cutting down extra commute time, drivers can save on fuels costs, and complete more rides throughout the day.

Additionally, passengers and drivers will receive digital confirmations from the time of booking, providing estimated times of arrival, proposed fares, booking confirmations, and receipts, eliminating the need for printed booking info.

Another exciting feature with OSUM Biz, is that cab companies get to keep their loyal customers. Whenever a customer registers with the app, they are provided with a promo code from their preferred company, linking them directly to their business. From there, whenever a client books a ride, they will be led directly to their preferred company’s cabs as their first choice for booking.   

If there’s a cab shortage, or cab drivers want to work independently, drivers can even enroll directly to the OSUM network, providing greater service for passengers across the country. 

OSUM Biz puts control back in the hands of cab companies, who will determine their rates, and have their commissions and fares deposited directly to their business accounts.

To utilize the OSUM Biz service there are no platform fees, subscriptions, or contracts. Taxi companies will a flat rate of ₹5 per ride booked, without changes or restrictions based route length, or time of day. 

Our OSUM model gives the taxi company the power and control to compete with larger, foreign-funded cab companies without losing all the customers, or without losing their identity. OSUM will help each firm modernize their dispatch and tracking system to create a more reliable service and promote efficiency to compete in any city in the country!

OSUM helps taxi companies take back control of their businesses and future with OSUM Biz!  To cab, taxi, and tour/travel businesses the message from is clear: Your cabs, your rules.

Please login for more details-

Call for customer support- 080-41334133


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