Rotary Bangalore Palmville, Gleneagles Global Hospitals and BPAC launch the 2ndedition of My Place of Pride My Place of Pride is an annual program to honour the green communities of Bengaluru

E12 November 2017, Bengaluru: The Rotary Bangalore Palmville Charitable Trust, in association with BPAC and Gleneagles Global Hospitals as Title Sponsor, has launched the 2nd edition of MyPlaceofPride, an annual program to encourage individuals to instil the best practices in community eco-friendliness, here at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on Race Course Road.

The launch was attended by Dr Asha Prasanna, District Governor for Rotary District 3190. This event was held in the backdrop of Prime Minister Modi’s Swachh Bharat initiative. Last year’s edition witnessed participation from 102 communities in Bengaluru, with an estimated 33,000 residential units participating in the program. The participating communities were divided into four categories, namely Villas, Small apartment complexes, Medium apartment complexes, and Large apartment complexes. The participants were judged on the basis of four excellence areas: waste management, water management, power management, and cleanliness. A total of 21 prizes were awarded to the participants across these four categories, and one special mention for waste management.

The registrations for this year’s edition are open till January 2018. The organisers have also added a new category: “Locality”, bringing the total to five types of communities. After the registrations are closed, the organisers will proceed with judgement of these communities through self-declaration, opinion polls, physical inspection, and final evaluation. The final awards ceremony is set to take place in April 2018. The program will comprise of workshops, panel discussions and inspections done by teams consisting of experts from eminent organizations like SWMRT, SAAHAS, BIOME, ECO-PARADIGM and BEYOND CARLTON.

Speaking at the event Mr Arun Agrawal, Director, Rotary Bangalore Palmville, said “We started the My Place of Pride program to re-ignite a sense of Pride amongst the citizens of Bengaluru. At the core, this is a hearts-and-minds campaign, with the objective of raising awareness of best practices in waste, water and energy management and cleanliness & hygiene. It’s a journey from hard compliance to soft motivation which comes from inside the individual. The competition aspect is to spur interest in striving harder and learning from winners. The enthusiasm of the participants is remarkable in trying to showcase how they are a community in which the residents take real pride in belonging there.”

The city of Bengaluru has witnessed a rise in activism from its citizens in the past decade in all disciplines, with the aim of making this city a better place to live in. This program is a great initiative for providing the communities of Bengaluru a platform to showcase their initiatives, create awareness and further encourage others to incorporate the best practices in waste management, water conservation, power management, and eco-friendliness. It aims to reach and encourage all individuals of Bengaluru, from school children to CEOs, to adopt these practices and make the whole city of Bengaluru green again.

Mr Thomas Mathew, COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bengaluru said “We believe that hygiene and health go hand in hand. The citizens of Bengaluru are very active in bringing about change in our society. There are numerous organizations in the city, created by such strong-willed and determined citizens, which have made this city a better place to live in. At Gleneagles Global Hospitals, we are determined to serve the communities we operate in. Environmental conservation and eco-friendly practices need to be instilled more prominently within the community and in its core civic sense in order to improve the quality of living in our city. We are very excited to partner with Rotary for this year’s edition of this program, and are happy to see such an enthusiastic response from the communities of Bengaluru.” 


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